CAASNM) partners with Innovate+Educate (I+E) and Skill-Ready Doña Ana to Better Serve Job Seekers

In the spirit of collaboration and community service, CAASNM and the Skill-Ready Doña Ana program have aligned their resources in order to help more job seekers find employment. This partnership supports the mission of the local New Mexico Workforce Connections Office by creating an additional Community WorkKeys Skill-UP Site in Doña Ana County, NM. Adding a site will allow more job seekers to prepare to earn Work Readiness credentials (e.g. WorkKeys®) through the use of KeyTrain®.

KeyTrain® is an online curriculum and pre-assessment environment that allows job seekers to pre-assess their readiness to take WorkKeys® assessments. KeyTrain and WorkKeys are owned by ACT, Inc., and provided in New Mexico under a contract between the New Mexico Department of Workforce Services and ACT, Inc. The goal of enrolling more prospective job applicants in KeyTrain® aligns with the goal of Skill-Ready Doña Ana, a hiring initiative sponsored by the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce.

CAASNM will provide staff members, computers, and technical support in order to ensure that job seekers have Internet access and that they are able to reap the maximum benefit from their participation in the program. I+E will contribute its expertise and consulting services, as both organizations conduct research and analyze the effectiveness of “skill up” strategies to improve job seeker performance on job skills assessments.


CAASNM is a non-profit corporation utilizing an outreach approach to provide a variety of education, counseling, and support services to low-income families so that they can achieve increased financial independence and quality of life in southern New Mexico. CAASNM has served the community for nearly five decades with high-impact programs to move people out of poverty and build self-sufficiency. Its purpose is to be a voice for underrepresented populations, mobilize communities, advocate for the poor, and work with the community to better the resources and lives of the people who live in it. CAASNM is an active partner with dozens of businesses and other agencies in its service area that work to improve the quality of life for the community. CAASNM also serves as a catalyst for change by helping new programs launch and sustain themselves. Ongoing services include asset development, computer literacy, tax preparation, childcare nutrition services, benefits screening, and state medical insurance enrollment.

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