Established in 1965, CAASNM was created as an outcome of the community action movement under the War on Poverty. It is a trusted local leader headquartered in Las Cruces, NM and serves the southwestern New Mexico counties of Doña Ana, Hidalgo, Sierra, Luna, and Grant. Over its half-decade history, CAASNM has served hundreds of thousands of southern New Mexicans with an emphasis of helping families with children overcome adversity and achieve whole-family wellness. In 2018, CAASNM served some 19,000 unique residents of the five southern counties, many of them rural.

Above all, CAASNM provides comprehensive services to low-income individuals and families in the effort to reduce the incidence of poverty and adversity and provide them all of the resources and supports that will ensure they truly thrive and not merely survive.

Most recently, CAASNM conceived and put in place a comprehensive, Agency-wide initiative “Thriving Families” to unite all of its programmatic and home visiting services for families with young children, using an intensive, case management approach. Now, all CAASNM programs are seamlessly coordinated and speak to the high need families in CAASNM’s service area. These include new, major grants for home visiting to parents with young children in rural areas, an array of family economic and small business development programs, and its most recently adopted after-school initiative, “Kids Can” which this grant request would expand.