Mission and Vision

CAASNM Mission: Our mission is to partner with New Mexicans to overcome adversity by connecting our communities, encouraging family wellness, empowering families and bridging resources.  

CAASNM Vision: Our vision is to live in thriving, equitable communities.

CAASNM Core Values:

 We are an adaptive organization that believes:

  • People want to thrive.
  • People can guide their own lives and overcome poverty and adversity.
  • People we serve will be treated with compassion and respect.
  • Everyone should have equitable access to healthy food; safe, sanitary and affordable housing; educational opportunities; gainful employment; and quality healthcare.
  • In being morally and ethically accountable.
  • Collaboration and teamwork will strengthen those we serve. 
  • Families thrive when connected to their communities in meaningful ways. 
  • Innovation is necessary to foster our vision and mission.