Family Wellness

“Thriving Kids” and “Thriving Families”

CAASNM recently won a major, four-year award from the State of New Mexico’s Children, Youth, and Families Department to initiate a home visiting program that will be called “Thriving Kids”. The project concentrates on families with children ages 0-3 in the Gadsden area of Doña Ana County. “Thriving Kids” partners with families and communities to promote children’s early development by supporting parents and caregivers in their own home environment.

Julie Ballard Soto will be the program’s manager, and Laura Quiroz and Guillel Rodriguez will be Thriving Kids Mentors.

“Thriving Kids” is part of the larger CAASNM “Thriving Families” initiative that will partner with and mentor families to encourage their self-advocacy to pursue community opportunities and services that will help them thrive as family units in society. Each of CAASNM’s four service lines: family wellness; family empowerment; bridging resources; and community connections will now fit within the “Thriving Families” structure.

Family Wellness programs work with home childcare providers and licensed childcare centers to improve access to healthy, nutritious meals for children and train providers on topics of nutrition, exercise, safety, child development, and more.  Such services are much needed towards promoting the well-being of our community’s families.  Our Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP)  provides reimbursement services for food for qualifying individuals who operate daycare services in their homes for children and adults with disabilities.  Our providers are able to supply nourishing, wholesome meals and snacks to promote lifelong healthy habits. Our food providers are able to continue expanding their businesses and knowledge by receiving continuous education on nutrition and fitness. The Healthy Kids Healthy Childcare initiative is a statewide partnership to train licensed childcare centers and give them an action plan to promote healthy eating, physical activity, reduced screentime (time that children spend in front of a television screen or PC monitor), water availability, and breastfeeding resources.




For more information about our Family Wellness programs, contact Adela Trujillo at or  575.527.8799 xt. 119